Maryland Graphic Design company

Maryland Graphic Design Company

3D Design

3D design and animation work has been used in various projects we have worked on, adding an element of precision and a clean feel vs actual “real” photographs. Angles that real photos cannot achieve easily are one reason clients prefer to use 3D design, which is relatively inexpensive and smoothly results in exactly what a client aims to portray.

Concept Art

Concept art has been around for a long time, and is keeping up with the times by utilizing digital technology.  Fancy Name Studios can help your company create custom illustrations to suit your needs – whether you are just starting out and need to attract investors, or you’re already in business and need to illustrate ideas, projects, progress-  you name it.

Maryland Graphic Design

In addition to creating website graphics, we also help clients with custom graphics for trade shows, door hangers, flyers, one-sheets and other types of literature.