Maryland Mobile App Development Services

Safety Applications
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One of our most notable applications, the Silent Beacon Safety App, (which includes proprietary information we cannot comment on) can connect to a physical Bluetooth device allowing users to contact 911, emergency personnel, and alert their family and friends if they are in an emergency.

Top Navigation with detailed cards allowing users the ability to understand the app functionality while keeping the text minimal.

In-app Bluetooth pairing ability and step-by-step mobile app guides allow users to quickly connect their Silent Beacon devices alongside colorful status indicators.

Individual settings for the emergency contacts with descriptions to help make others aware of emergency situation and lowering user error.

Onscreen touch button alert GUI allows quick access for users to receive help while utilizing map functionality that tracks users in real time.

Emergency contacts have their own alert status and contact information listed together on one screen.

Video Game Apps

Our studio’s mobile app developers created the successful Race Stunt Fight series for our client, as well as other motor vehicle styled games, based on the Unity3D engine.