Successful SEO can only be measured by the actual factual statistics.  The most important being, how high the website is shown on searches through sites like Google and the ranking of the website compared to competitors.  Secondary check marks for success would be how you rank among your competitors and how the text of the website flows.  You will be able to verify our work yourselves with a quick google search of the keywords we have elevated per our clients request.

Keep in mind, paying for Google ads or 3rd party software does not directly raise your organic search statistics, in fact it can hinder your ability to be seen on page one of search results and we recommend a blended method once your keywords and content has been established.

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Mid Atlantic Remodeling

Being a relatively new roofing company in the Baltimore Maryland area, Mid Atlantic Remodeling Co. needed an in-depth detailed analysis and strategic plan surrounding the top Keywords in their region.  Fancy Name Studios is able to focus on the high ranking keywords and create monthly blogs, newsletters for the website and their social media accounts.